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Leadership Testimony

Faith, Hope & Love Christian Ministries' Director of Operations, Michael Archer, shares his personal testimony, God's grace & mercy and the power of recovery from drug addiction, alcoholism and a Christ-centered recovery program.

Michael Archer Director of Operations

watch I grew up in Georgetown, SC and graduated from the Medical University of South Carolina. I earned a Degree in Occupational Therapy, and worked for a group of Hand Surgeons in Charleston for 16 years. When I was 34 I married a princess of a young lady, but unfortunately, we only made it four years due to my alcoholic drinking. I can remember almost “getting it” back then as she was a strong Christian, and we were very involved in a great church with many friends. But I did not, as I was determined to drink away my fears, my anger, my insecurities, and even my successes. I had the whole world fooled with my great career, my big house, my big boat, my sports cars, and even a beautiful wife. But on the inside, I was an emotional wreck, and drinking alcohol was my escape. So I ended up going from riches to rags, and the next 6-7 years are really a blur; in and out of rehab, living in motels, and even sleeping in my car. Things got really tough when I finally ran out money.

source site But God, and His infinite grace, got me to Faith Home back in 2006. Faith Home is a wonderful ministry, and certainly helped me get back on the right track-His track. I was a manager there for almost 5 years; the last two at the Spartanburg facility. That’s when God started putting it in my heart to open a Christian Transitional home, as many residents had absolutely no place to go too after completing a wonderful, godly eight week program at Faith Home. And these days God Almighty is blessing my socks off. I have an inner peace like never before and today I like the man I see in the mirror. I have a whole new attitude  and perspective on life; and learning that the more pleasing I am to our Lord, the happier I am. Jesus Christ is not only my Lord and Savior, but He is truly my best friend. It is all about obedience, which His Holy Word tells us that obedience brings blessings. I am so very content in what the Lord has me doing these days; managing a wonderful ministry and living the abundant life, even without all the material things. I try to encourage these young men to simply “seek God” and that the Lord of restoration / provision will indeed take care of them. Matthew 6:33 is so true. And as for me, I must continue to press forward with my spiritual walk, and to continue “to help another alcoholic” in order to stay sober. This serenity from God’s grace is much too sweet to go back to that chaos and pain.

click In Him All things are possible!

Michael Archer, Director of Operations
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